We are happy to share that we have received a grant from Metacartel to further our goal of building community-led, alternative asset investment DAOs.

Metacartel and Minty connected after we collaborated with members of Rarible and DAOHaus to develop the core technology layer for Minty DAOs. …

How Moloch DAOs can sign arbitrary messages using minion contracts

A few weeks ago a group of devs from DAOHaus, Raidguild, Rarible, and Minty got together to build tools for DAOs to interact directly with NFT marketplaces without trusted delegates. …

Since IPFS is a content addressed protocol, we know the location the NFT artwork and metadata will go to BEFORE it is minted

MysteryDrop is built on the same principals as collectible box breaks. …

Isaac Patka

DAO, NFT, SSI Builder

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