• Geoffrey Arone

    Geoffrey Arone

    Crypto entrepreneur and investor. Passionate about the power of DAOs.

  • Joaquín CerviÑo

    Joaquín CerviÑo

  • Changethegame


  • Mark Redito

    Mark Redito

    Artist and Tropical Futurist.

  • Alex Hermstad

    Alex Hermstad

    Exploring the emotional frontiers of music

  • Harry Martin

    Harry Martin

    Art Director of The Edicurial Collection. Coordinator at ETHLocal, Council at Visual Arts Scotland, Partner at Stone Oven House. Art Advisor and Curator.

  • Kevin Duquette

    Kevin Duquette

  • Gianni D’Alerta

    Gianni D’Alerta

    Blockchain & Marketing Consultant — Bridging the gaps between blockchain, technology, and marketing. Naka.io and PopMint.app #MiamiTech

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